Andrew+Kelsey: A Wedding Close To Home


We have always endeavored to treat our clients as friends, but when our friends become our clients its the best of both worlds. Hearing the ooh’s and ah’s as the bride steps out from a back bedroom after donning her dress for the first time since the fitting, or seeing a groom, overcome with emotion, tears streaming down his face as he reads a heartfelt note from his future wife. The fact that we get to be there when there are hundreds of other way more qualified people ahead of us is something we see as a great honor.

That being said, when we were approached by Kelsey and Andrew to film and photograph their wedding after taking their Save the Date photos we were ecstatic. Having that all-access pass at a wedding is a special thing, but to have that at a friend’s wedding is a truly unique privilege. Most people would much rather attend their friend’s weddings rather than work at them, but we prefer the latter. We were there when Kelsey’s dad finally let her get a tattoo after years of begging. It was a temporary one, but it’s the thought that counts. We also got to witness Andrew’s face, when he saw Kelsey for the first time and immediately swept her up in his arms and kissed her. We felt the emotion when Andrew prayed for his new family shortly after being married.

Their marriage was one that hit close to home for us, not just because the venue is in the same town as our studio, but when our friends get married, it makes our job all the sweeter.


Nevin + Megan: Two ceremonies and an elephant.

Nevin and Megan met in college at Berkeley through a series of brunches at Megan’s sorority. They had started out as friends and the more time they spent with one another the more they realized how wonderful it was to have a person to share life with who has similar passions and interests. They also realized they could truly be themselves with each other; that and she told us, “Its hard to resist a guy that is willing to go to a museum and sushi on a first date,” which happen to be two of Megan’s favorite things.

Near the time of their engagement they went ring shopping in Westwood and found exactly what they were looking for. Shortly after that, they had planned a trip to Europe to see some of Megan’s family that Nevin hadn’t met yet. He told her that he wouldn’t bring the ring on the trip (she believed him). On a brisk England day during a walk through London with Megan’s godmother, they crested a hill at the highest point in London. Nevin turned to speak and nothing came out of his mouth. Actions always speak louder than words, so Nevin dropped to a knee and Megan realized what was happening. She whipped her fair hand from her glove and immediately held it out. Her dad flew back with them and when they landed in California where their whole family was waiting to receive them.

Nevin and Megan were married on August 17th at the Ambassador Campus in Pasadena. They had a full day with back to back ceremonies, one traditional Indian and the other Western. One of the highlights was a familiar friend we had worked with before; Thai the elephant made an appearance for the Barat section of the day. Megan loves elephants so the chance to interact with one with her future husband was a special event all it’s own. During the western Ceremony, Nevin, dropping to a knee, used his vows as a chance to expound on what he had tried so hard to say months before in London.

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Rakesh Kalra - October 10, 2013 - 3:24 pm

Wow! What a lovely movie. So lively, bringing back all the happy memories of the day. Every moment comes back with such pleasant memories, I wish we could go through all of it once again-Nevin-marry again-same place-same way-same love of yours of course…. we could go over it again and again.The best part was when you cried to profess your love-it was so touching. May the Lord shower his love and blessings on you both for ever and ever…and ever!

Heather Lynn Sharpe - October 11, 2013 - 4:10 am

I love this!!! Amazing!

Vijay Trehan - October 11, 2013 - 4:14 pm

Great moments and videos of the ceremonies. Congratulations again. Vijay and Sushma Trehan

Sushma Trehan - October 12, 2013 - 2:56 pm

Magical! Keep the magic alive MegVin !

David+Stella Wedding Photos and Same Day Edit Video


David and Stella are a wonderful couple that we have had a blast with from their Save the Date photo and video to their Arrested Development themed concept photo shoot, both of them have been a joy to work with. Not to mention their marvelous wedding party, that kept our shoots light hearted and fun filled.

David and Stella were married on Saturday at the beautiful Vibiana against the stunning backdrop of  downtown LA. This city has been a big piece of David and Stella’s relationship (as both of them are two of the most avid foodies I have ever met) as they constantly made forays into some of the most amazing food this city has to offer. This fact was subtly implemented throughout their wedding from having Buttermilk (one of their favorite food trucks) cater their cocktail hour, to each of the dining tables in the reception rather than being numbered, were named after a restaurant they enjoyed together. During their reception we presented their Save the Date film as well as their Same Day Edit film that we began filming that morning. It was a fantastic time with good friends and great food.


Bride’s Makeup and Hair Design by Theresa Huang


Justin + Melissa: Wedding Short Film and Photos

We had the privilege to meet Justin and Melissa on a rainy and wet afternoon in a crowded Starbucks back in January. Warming ourselves over coffee, they told us there wonderful story about meeting while working together at Elephant Bar. They then shared how Justin romantically proposed, at night, on a candle covered  balcony overlooking New York. We were so excited to work with them that we planned out almost their entire Save the Date session at that coffee meeting.

When the big day arrived just a few weeks ago, we enjoyed witnessing their marriage along side their family and friends at the picturesque Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills, CA. The evening was filled with great food, heartfelt toasts, fun dancing, and the first cigar bar that we have seen at a wedding. After having garnered all the footage and photos we needed we left the party as it continued on into the night.



Andrew & Kelsey: Here You Leave Today…

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” These words, from the small familiar plaque above the entrance to Disneyland, represent exactly what Kelsey and Andrew are about. They both love Disneyland and it has played a big part in their relationship. The first time Andrew told Kelsey that he liked her was at Disneyland so it was fitting that the backdrop of their Save the Date photos was there. We had a great time witnessing some of their favorite traditions in the happiest place on earth, from tasting Boison Apple Freeze to trying to land pennies in Jack Sparrow’s cup at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean. After hitting their favorite spots in Disneyland we hopped next door to California Adventure to ride Kelsey’s favorite, Tower of Terror. This couple is fun and fun-loving; always willing to be their spontaneous selves in front of the camera giving us one of the best times we have had in Disneyland. In the land of yesterday they were just friends and then coworkers, in the land of tomorrow they will be married and they will enter the fantastic world of marriage.


[…] approached by Kelsey and Andrew to film and photograph their wedding after having us take their Save the Date photos in at Disneyland back in August we were ecstatic. Having that all access pass at a wedding is a […]

Chris and Lindsay: Wedding Photos

Back in February we photographed Chris and Lindsay for their Save the Date Photos. Almost six months ago we enjoyed having the opportunity to hear their story; they met in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua and then got engaged following a self-made sightseeing tour of locations from the film 500 Days of Summer. On July 6th, we had the chance to witness the next chapter of their story.

Chris and Lindsay were married at the beautiful St. Edwards located high on a hill in Dana Point, CA with a stunning view of the ocean from almost anywhere at the church. Prior to the ceremony, Chris and Lindsay got ready at a nearby hotel. Lindsay and her girls had their hair, makeup and nails done while the guys (as most guys do at weddings) waited till they absolutely had to get ready. After their prep, Chris and Lindsay each road separately to the church in a Model A Ford with their dads. Following their ceremony which was officiated by Father Manson (which you will see bears an uncanny resemblance to Bruce Willis), Chris and Lindsay stepped into the Model A as a couple and headed for their reception at Cannon’s Seafood Grill, a really neat restaurant on a bluff with an amazing view of the Dana Point Marina and the outlying ocean. During dinner, those that gave toasts shared story after story all from different angles of how this amazing couple came together. The evening progressed and after all the dancing and dessert Chris and Lindsay made their getaway through a tunnel of those that love them dearly.



[…] did we have the opportunity to shoot Chris & Lindsay’s engagement photos as well as their wedding photos, we had the chance to put together a short film of their special day. […]

Brandon + Leslie Wedding Short Film

The day we had the great pleasure of photographing Brandon and Leslie’s wedding we were also making a Short Film for them. Although we have had it finished for a bit we have held off until now to post it because we got the wonderful opportunity to screen the Short Film with Brandon, Leslie, and both sets of parents at our private screening room this past Saturday. Now is our chance to share it with all of you.

Arlan Godthaab - July 17, 2013 - 4:43 pm

I’ve worked with FlyFeNniX before. They do extraordinarily detailed work. Are remarkably prepared people, who are very cordial and easy to work with. Wish them and their clients well.

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