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by Britt.

We spent a good chunk of time today talking about the importance of blogging, and how we could improve that whole side of things. After discussing what to write, how often to write, and what style to write in, I spent the day looking at a whole lot of wedding blogs. The outcome? A lot of what TO-do’s and what NOT to-do’s. I hope I can be somewhat helpful to you wedding pros out there!

Having a job in the wedding industry is awesome. Not just the fun, technical stuff, but the one-on-one interaction with excited brides. These women come to us asking all kinds of different questions, and I’ve come to appreciate more over the years… (well, year of being a wedding photographer/videographer, and years of being a bridesmaid) how fun weddings really are.

Now that I’m a professional, I’ve spent countless hours drooling over wedding photos, floral arrangements, princess dresses, sparkly cupcakes, and reading reading reading all those blogs. No one will argue that planning a wedding can be hecka tedious. Even just pinterest is loaded with TONS of great ideas and inspiration for the big day, but once you start going through all the blogs… that’s when things really get overwhelming. So many ideas, and so little time! In reality, though, these are excellent resources for brides and vendors alike, so we have to all suck it up and dive head first into the world that is wedding blogs.

After doing some research, I’ve come up with a little tip list for wedding professionals that may help your blog really blossom, and generate intrigue and lasting relationships with your fellow vendors and, of course, those blushing brides! (You’re welcome.)

1.Write in first person.

I’ve noticed in my blog research, that the most interesting ones are written in first person. Those that aren’t… are called articles. While they may be informative, and uber professional, quite honestly they get to be kinda boring. I’m not ashamed to admit that I just got sucked into Alison’s blog for the past hour and a half. Her style is quirky, and certainly out of the box. I LOVED IT. Her blog caught my attention,  and even put me in a bubbly mood. (Which is saying a lot, seeing as though its 3:30 in the afternoon and I’ve only had one cup of coffee today.) Something written in first person is like receiving a little note from one of your girlfriends (as apposed to feeling like you’re reading an online article on nuclear physics, assigned by your 10th grade science teacher). Who you are as a vendor isn’t just about trying to sell your product, it’s about making friends. Go ahead and use some slang, be comfortable, be you. Part of who you are, how you think, and what you love, will come out in your words. You tell brides you’re real, and you care. For us, our whole mantra is that we tell stories. What better way to prove that, than by telling a little story about who we are in what we write?!

2. Help a Sista {or Dude} Out!

What do I mean by that? I’m talkin’ vendor recognition! This isn’t a totally new concept, but I know it’s something we’ll be implementing far more in the future. We had an awesome meeting last week with a local wedding planner, Tricia Dahlgren, who talked to us about this idea of linking, and the importance of online networking. Our friend and talented photographer, Lukas VanDyke, also wrote a great article about “link love” that also endorsed this idea. (–See what I did there? ;)) Linking to other people’s websites and blogs is extremely beneficial for three reasons. It shows that you remember the professionals you network with, and care to give them a shout out, it gives them more online activity and hopefully business, and it’s a huge help for brides. How many times have we all stumbled across a totally awesome idea, picture, or whatever because we clicked a link to a link to a link…. you get what I’m saying.

3. Let the brides talk

I’ve always had a hard time trusting reviews, and testimonials. I don’t believe just anyone anymore, and it makes a huge difference how we hear what the brides think. I love reading wedding blogs that feature specific weddings, and the elements that put it all together. You as the blogger are responsible to entice the reader with your words, giving tid-bits of inspiration, and making them drool over photos describing all those details. What I loved about the blog entries from The Wedding Chicks was the short excerpt that was written by the bride. It adds yet another personal touch to the whole blogging process. Hopefully brides trust that as vendors we aren’t fabricating anything for the purpose of luring them in, but there’s something huge to be said for a bride telling another bride “it’s ok… these guys are great!

I’m sure as I continue to research (ok, I’ll admit, It’s more like “indulge”) in-all-things-wedding blogs, I’ll discover more nuggets of inspiration, and conviction, and I’ll certainly be sharing with you. I’d love to hear your comments, if you felt any of this was mind-blowing-ly awesome… and stuff.


Lukas VanDyke - March 15, 2012 - 12:00 am

Nice! =)

Ces Peynetti - March 15, 2012 - 4:59 pm

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Caroline Poe - March 15, 2012 - 6:09 pm

I like what you wrote about talking in first person. I know definitely for myself that if someone is more personal and caring, rather than textbook like, I am more apt to be interested and listen to what they have to say. Good post!

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